A HUGE thank you to everyone involved in FESTIVAL31 this year and those who attended our events! It’s been another amazing celebration of refugee culture through the arts.

But it doesn’t end there! Keep following us our social media to stay up to date. So far we’ve counted 33 organisations and 5 individuals who supported this year’s positive impact on social change through the arts and opening challenging conversations to make a better understanding of refugee experiences and space for refugees in the region.

We know that there have been over 3500 people in the audience and more participants, fill you in when we get the accurate figures. Thanks so much for getting involved and let’s plan for next year now!

FESTIVAL31 final day Seminar and film evening with 104 attendees;


Here are some photos from the this year’s Artists residencies…

2018 will be a busy festival with already a list of activities, performances and artists work in development; The Maze of Displacement by Claire Weetman in collaboration with SOLA ARTS & Sophie Tickle, The Sharing Group exhibition, Moving Objects by Lin Holland & Jane Poulton, Our Voices/Our Stories film by Toxteth TV, Create – European Arts Therapies for refugees event, and many more…

We aren’t stopping there! We aim to have all 31 days full with programming and activities. Including community arts actions, film showing and so much more.

Do you have an idea for an art action or activity? Let’s chat. Email Adele or Tony at; f31community@gmail.com

Thanks to Arts Council England and Opens Arms grants for making this year’s festival come alive!

A warm welcome to Tony who has joined the team as our first Intern, he brings a wealth of community arts development experience from El Salvador!

Having volunteered for the festival in 2017 we’re really pleased that Tony is now a member of staff. It’s all exciting here 🙂

See the snap shot video of 2017 programme here

FESTIVAL31 is a month-long, Liverpool-wide celebration of arts and culture from refugee communities, using creative and social activity to widen opportunities for discussion and understanding of the refugee experience.

We’ve had so much fun last year! Our exhibition at Tate Liverpool was really well received, loads of people joined us for two big F31 celebrations, and a whole host of other activity took place throughout the month. Local channel ‘Made in Liverpool’ met up with Creative Producer Karen Wynne & Volunteer Sean Robinson at Bold Street Coffee’s exhibition to find out more (see below)!


If you would like to get involved in next year’s festival contact us: f31community@gmail.com and we’ll get in touch! Most of our activity is delivered on a voluntary basis by our partners… we thank them all for their continued commitment to the success of the festival!

(Faris Khalifa & Dorcas Seb practising for their sound installation and performances - 2017)

FESTIVAL31 brings together refugees, wider communities, individuals, grassroots, small and large organisations for a 31 day experience across the whole city every year, starting on the same day as national Refugee Week celebrations… This year’s FESTIVAL31 worked with eight great local artists from refugee backgrounds and a fab team of volunteers and local organisations… Tony explains why he got involved with the festival:

Being part of Festival 31 as a volunteer, will allow me to meet and share different experiences with other people. To learn about other cultures is the best way to understand them. It is an opportunity to bring all refugee communities together through social activities.
It is a good chance to let people know about refugees experiences and the difficulties that they have faced duing the process of relocating” 


Thanks to our 2017 funders: Arts Council England / Celebrate Big Lottery Fund / Hemby Trust

Check out our 'Join Us' page if you've an idea or just want to get involved for 2018!

Music, exhibitions, campaigning, discussions, song, socials, art actions, workshops, food, education, awareness raising, poetry, stand up, drama, schools workshops, flashmobs, drumming, film screenings & more

We would also like to thank BBC Radio Merseyside’s Ngunan Adamu / the Upfront show team, and the Up for Arts Team for their support. You can hear some of our interviews below…

Artists Faris Khalifa and Dorcas Seb talk about their involvement with the festival… (2017)

Creative Producer Karen Wynne chats to Carl on Radio Merseyside’s ‘Upfront’ programme.

Ngunan Adamu interviews commissioned artist Reagan Tesfemariam and festival co-ordinator Karen Wynne for BBC Radio Merseyside’s Upfront show (2015).

BBC Radio Merseyside’s Up For Arts team interview festival co-ordinator Karen Wynne (2015).









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